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Machining reduces the cost of three characteristics

From:Tongling sanyuan special casting co. LTDAddtime:2018-07-07
1. Raw materials: make sure that all raw materials are in the correct size, which can save materials and save the time needed to process additional materials. This method is the most direct and effective.
2, the technological process: in the process of optimization of process layout scheme can reduce processing in difficulty, yield increase, the appropriate design and USES efficient work is also can achieve the above purpose. But to a high level of technical personnel (including technical workers), the process is not the best, only better, the most important thing is to have a good concept of lean production, can improve production quality, reduce the cost.
3, logistics optimization: one of the most overlooked is the logistics, the product when you need to do process of the logistics process in the form of drawings, can see the waste of product flow, it is not difficult to do, see whether you go or not to do.
Machined to reduce costs, all in all, Shanghai will eliminate some unnecessary waste in the process of production, reduce inventory, improve the quality level, effectively remove the waiting in the production and superfluous action, from detail to grab, grab from ideology, can achieve the goal of cost reduction.