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The function and use of die casting

From:Tongling sanyuan special casting co. LTDAddtime:2018-07-07
We all know that adequate warm-up action should be taken before the production of die casting in Shanghai. The following is its role:
1. The die casting mould can achieve a good heat balance, allowing the die casting mould to solidify uniformly and quickly, and helping the pressure transfer;
2. Maintain good fluidity to fill the good formability of die casting mould and improve the surface quality of high pressure casting;
3. Reduce the heat alternating stress of die casting molds, lose wax casting, and improve the life of die casting molds;
4. Reduce bad pre-production and increase the productivity of die casting parts accordingly.
Shanghai has a lot of pressure die casting mould, we must pay attention to in the used alternately, to get from the mold material, design, processing, heat treatment and operation life of the mold, if want to mold using the life extension, makes the mold to achieve:
1. Die casting mould materials with good quality should be in principle;
2. Reasonably design the thickness of the mold wall and the size of the mold according to the actual situation;
3. Pay attention to stress tempering after rough machining;
4. Use proper heat treatment and quench quickly enough;
5. Thoroughly polish and remove the EDM harassment quality layer;
6. The surface is not highly polished
7. Use less aluminum and speed up the injection speed;
Eight, to a good cooling mold, water used for cooling mold temperature control in 40 to 50 ℃;
9. During the temporary shutdown, try to mold and reduce the cooling water, so as to avoid the heat shock of die casting mold when starting up;
10. When the mold surface reaches the highest temperature, the cooling fluid should be closed.