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Advantages and disadvantages of die casting process

From:Tongling sanyuan special casting co. LTDAddtime:2018-07-07
(1) capable of producing metal parts with complex shape, clear outline and thin wall and deep cavity. The dimension precision of die casting pieces is high, and the surface roughness is ra0.8-3.2um, with good interchangeability. 
(2) high material utilization rate. Because the precision of die casting pieces is relatively high, it can be used only with a little mechanical processing, and some die casting pieces can be used directly. Efficient production. Due to high speed filling, short filling time, rapid solidification of metal industry, rapid circulation of die casting. Easy to use inserts. 

(1) because it is high speed filling, cooling speed is faster, the air inside the cavity is not discharged in time, make always especially hole and oxide inclusion in die casting, greatly reduced the quality of the die casting. Heat treatment is not allowed. 
(2) the cost of die casting machine and die casting mould is relatively high, which is not suitable for small batch production. 
(3) die casting parts are limited in size. The types of die casting alloys are limited. Mainly used for die-casting zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy.