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Large casting machine tool worktable needs innovation

From:Tongling sanyuan special casting co. LTDAddtime:2018-07-07
Large casting machine table is a focus of development in our country, is also a measure of the level of China foundry industry standard, one of the large casting machine table is a requirement for metal melting into accord with certain liquid is poured into the mold, after cooling solidification, men get a predetermined shape, size and properties of the casting process. Machine tool worktable manufacturing has different characteristics from other processes, mainly adaptability, materials and equipment needed, pollution of the environment. The production of casting will produce dust, harmful gas and noise pollution to the environment, which is more serious than other mechanical manufacturing processes.

So large machine tool castings industry is the foundation of the development of high-end manufacturing industry in our country, and improve the national economy one of pillar industries, in May 2009, promulgated by the state council "the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning", specifically focusing on major technical equipment form a complete set of large castings. As a key part of important technical equipment, the worktable of large cast iron machine tool has high requirements on internal stress, the ability to maintain dimensional precision, rigidity and abrasion resistance. Therefore, there are strict technical standards and safety standards, and the quality and reliability of large machine tool workstations directly affect the service life and operation performance of supporting hosts.

According to the statistics of the industry, with the development of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries, the demand for large castings will continue to increase. The market demand for castings of various large machine tool workstations will increase continuously. Although China's machine tool casting industry has been committed to independent innovation, it is far from the mature industries of developed countries. In recent years, the foreign high-end brands have been hit by a strong attack, even more serious in China's large machine tool worktable casting industry. Therefore, in order to gain a firm foothold in the foreign market, China's machine tool casting industry must pay attention to the quality of products.

The industrial technology level of machine tool table in China needs innovation

China's machine tool worktable casting industry is developing towards a new critical period. According to potow KaiCheng machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was set up ten years of production experience, not only is this machine table casting industry development of a new beginning, new stage is casting industry from quantity to quality. Therefore, innovation is an important driving force for the development of casting industry, so innovation should not be ignored.

At present, the development of China's workbench industry has achieved certain results and is continuing to develop steadily. Last year, the machine tool workbench industry in China has been booming, the development speed progress, machine tool workbench production has been increasing. In botou KaiCheng machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Casting machine table production ranked the industry achievements, although the machine table colleagues were shocked by the news, however, this is just our casting machine table industry achievements in the industry, that does not make casting boring and milling machine table industry development in our country is the international casting machine table can't than. On the contrary, its development still faces some conditionality factors, among them, the lag of boring and milling machine table casting technology level is a big bottleneck, only break the bottleneck, the machine table industry is likely to make substantive breakthrough, will get rapid development in the steady development.

So the ternary special casting think: the machine table of industry in China is just at the critical moment, transformation and upgrading machine table casting industry fast development cannot leave the enterprise and the government's strong support, after overcoming difficulties, machine table casting industry in our country will develop better.