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Natural gas filters are divided into three levels

From:Tongling sanyuan special casting co. LTDAddtime:2018-07-07
Tongling city three circles special casting co., LTD. The main products are, using the medium for compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas metering valves, high pressure electromagnetic valve solenoid valve, low pressure, low pressure regulating valves, pipe fittings, filter device, cryogenic device and so on, at the same time the company also produces screw pump parts and oil rig parts of screw pump, concrete drilling machine parts, aluminum alloy parts, non-ferrous metal die casting, etc.
Natural gas filter is mainly composed of primary cyclone separator and secondary inertia defoaming pre filter and condensation, level 3 fine filter condensation, drain valve etc, entrained gas, liquid and solid particles by the intake pipe in the tangent direction into the level of cyclone separator. Large droplets and solid particles are separated by cyclones. Then, through the secondary defoamer, the gas is further separated by the action of inertia collision. The dust with large particle size in the gas is filtered out, which has protective effect on the secondary fine filter element. The gas is filtered through the fine filter element (grade 3 fine filter), and solid particles with a particle size greater than 10 microns (or smaller) are removed. The liquid mist with small particle size is collected on the fine filter core and condenses into a large droplet, which falls to the bottom of the fine filter tube under the action of gravity. The separated liquid is discharged from the sewage outlets and the treated gas is discharged from the outlet at the top of the filter. The device adopts the principle of mechanical separation, microfiber filtration and condensation growth of microporous media.
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